Category: Beginner

Cat with a Fiddle

This piece is written in Rockabilly style, with plenty of shuffle bows, open string double-stops and syncopation to challenge and engage your students. The semitone slides focus attention on correct finger placement as well as encouraging a relaxed left hand. Melodies and counter-melodies are shared between instruments, and the off-beat double-stops played with an easy bounced bow are great fun to play and add that country feel.


Sea Fever

Sea Fever evokes the exhilaration and grandeur of a voyage on the high seas, drawing its mood and imagery from the famous poem of the same name by John Masefield.

This work was commissioned by the Australian String Teachers Association and was premiered by massed string orchestra at the 2019 Melbourne String Orchestra Festival.


Clapping Song

Lively ostinato rhythmic patterns set up a driving momentum under sustained melodic lines, with bold interjections from the first violins on a repeated augmented 4th interval. This piece is a great way to introduce hook stroke and the low 1st finger (E string). A diverse range of dynamics creates colour and drama, while the swapping between hand-clapping and bowing makes for a fun challenge.


Arabian Dance

A continuous pulsing rhythm and arching melody lines evoke the mood of the Arabian Desert, gradually building in intensity from beginning to end. This piece introduces the augmented interval between Bb and C# (violins & violas) and Eb and F# (cellos & basses), syncopation, harmonics and open string double stops. Includes 3rd position option for Violin 1 and alternative passages for advanced Double Bass players.