String Orchestra

From beginner to advanced levels

Original works for String Orchestra composed by Eugenie Teychenné.
Evocative and full of surprises. From beginner to advanced playing levels, these pieces will engage and excite all the players in your ensemble as it develops their technical skills.

The Possum Books

The Possum Books take young string players on a series of musical adventures to capture the imagination and inspire practice.

20 concert pieces for beginner violin, viola & cello

Possums in the Roof


20 concert pieces for the developing violinist


Possums at Sea

Created by violin teacher and composer Eugenie Teychenné, the Possums Books’ colourful covers and amusing illustrations catch a child’s eye …

CD backing tracks included for all pieces

… witty cartoons and story book characters fill pages that are clear, easy to read and bursting with musical excitement. With lyrics to assist in learning the rhythmic patterns and rich accompaniments from the piano backing tracks, the Possum Books make learning and practice a lot fun.

Piano Accompaniment books are also available