Possums Over the Moon

by Eugenie Teychenné

A revolutionary approach
to Beginner String Group Teaching in schools –
Launching in 2020

Melbourne composer and music educator, Eugenie Teychenné, knows from
personal experience the challenges faced by string teachers in schools and has created a simple yet revolutionary way to help keep classes structured, focussed and fun.

What makes this so different?

  • Big Screen classroom display of music scores
  • Synchonised moving cursor
  • Automatic page turns
  • Synchronised audio backing tracks and string cues
  • Easy-to-follow instrument lines notated in colour
  • 3 different tempos – Learning, Practice & Concert
  • On-screen Preparation Exercises for all pieces

Why Possums Over the Moon?

With the Big Screen Display students are no longer buried behind music stands and forgotten music books are a thing of the past. All eyes are looking ahead with the teacher in the students’ sight line, making communication easier.

Eugenie’s original pieces are playful and expressive, encouraging a musical sensibility from the very first open string tune.

The 15 pieces are designed to build technique progressively and provide equal and parallel learning across all instruments.

Together with the supporting preparation exercises Possums Over the Moon provides curriculum and structure for the first year of group teaching.

String Group in action at Carey Grammar (Donvale Campus) Melbourne

A few samples to try

What’s in the package?

  • Access to Big Screen Displays of all pieces & supporting exercises via the Possums Over the Moon website
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Student Violin, Viola, Cello & Doublebass Books
  • Piano Accompaniment Book

How do I purchase?

* Subscription, $100 per year

  • Unlimited access, streaming Big Screen displays of all pieces & exercises
  • Complimentary Teacher’s Book & Piano Accompaniment Book

* Student Books

  • Purchase from Music Retailers
  • and Possums Over the Moon

* Contact

  • Further information contact Eugenie