PitR – violin

The first book in the series, “Possums in the Roof” is designed for the beginner violinist and written in familiar styles such as boogie, swing and ragtime. Beginning with the open strings, each piece introduces a new note and a variety of bowing patterns and technical skills progressively until the 0 – 1 – 23 finger pattern is reached on all strings. The rhyming lyrics assist in learning rhythmic patterns while the included CD is a valuable tool in the student’s practice at home or to accompany performances. Piano Accompaniment book is also available.

Sample Look & Listen

Ants in Your Pants

Sneaky Little Redback

The Min Min Lights

Pesky Little Rabbit

Summary of teaching points

Pieces 1 – 5

  • Introduces the open strings
  • 4/4 and 2/4 time signatures
  • Simple crotchet/minim rhythms
  • Reverse bowing on repeated patterns
  • String crossing
  • Simple up bow lifts for elbow follow-through
  • Repeated quaver patterns for fast bow action
  • Down bow retakes on minim rests
  • Contrasting dynamics

Pieces 6 – 10

  • Introduces 1st finger on each string
  • Quick finger placement
  • Slower tempo in Night Sky for longer bow strokes
  • Combinations of rhythms to date

Pieces 11 – 15

  • Introduces 2nd and 3rd fingers on E and A strings
  • 2 note slurs
  • Semibreve
  • Dotted minim
  • Quick down bow retakes on crotchet rests
  • Stopped up bow slurs
  • Increase in note changes on individual bow strokes for quicker
    synchronization between left hand and bow
  • 3-1 finger pattern on slurs
  • 3-2-1-0 descending scale passage
  • 0-1-2-3 ascending scale passage

Pieces 16 – 20

  • Introduces 2nd and 3rd fingers on G and D strings
  • 3/4 time signature
  • Left hand pizzicato
  • 3 note slurs
  • Marcato
  • Staccato
  • Slow bow