Bustopher Jones Goes to Town

Bustopher Jones is a character from “Old Possums’s Book of Practical Cats” – a collection of light, whimsical poems by T.S. Eliot about feline psychology and sociology.

A parody of an Edwardian gentleman of leisure, Bustopher is a smart cat “with a coat of fastidious black” and “white spats”, immaculately groomed and well turned out, and with a particular interest in fine dining.

The musical score is based on two themes: a jaunty melody reminiscent of an English folk song, which reflects Bustopher’s genial, cheerful personality as he strolls about town: and a hymn-like melody which illustrates the dignified nature of our dapper hero.

  • Conductor’s Score and individual parts in A4 format for Violin 1, Violin2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass & Rehearsal Piano
  • Level: Beginner (Preliminary – Grade 1)
  • Duration: 2:00
  • Violin 2: Doubles Viola part
  • Double Bass: Optional part included
  • Rehearsal Piano part included
  • Price: $50.00 ex GST


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